First consideration given to applications submitted by May 1st.  Applying early may increase your chances of acceptance!

Students must be 

  1. United States citizens, lawful permanent residents, or aliens admitted as refugees at the time they apply for the program; 

  2. financially disadvantaged as defined by the eligibility criteria for the United States Department of Education; 

  3. enrolled fulltime in a CSU chemistry or physics undergraduate degree program in each semester during which support is sought.

  4. newly admitted to CSU (1st year students or transfer students).  

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The Chemistry and Physics Department has a new National Science Foundation Program: Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S-STEM.)  The program provides tuition support up to $8000, a funded summer STEM program and retreat, early student research experiences, and formalized mentoring to highly qualified students who intend to pursue their undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Physics at Chicago State.